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No matter whether you are in Johannesburg on business or as a foreign tourist seeking a unique African experience you are a valued guest and, as such, a very special individual. The house stands on a large property and set far back in its spacious gardens. Two private garages and a large courtyard provide secure parking for guests and their visitors. Islands of further gardens flank other areas. High walls provide privacy and buffer the already-minimal street noise. Tranquillity is the order of the day.

The interior is warmly inviting, with objects d'art drawn from all over Africa and especially the magnificent carvings and wooden sculpture of West African countries. In most languages of sub-Saharan Africa, Ma'Khaya means our home and more than that. The saying goes that An Englishman's home is his castle.

In traditional African societies this goes further and extends to an enormous family that may comprise simply persons of similar surname or belonging to the same area. The house may be built of wattle-and-daub/Adobe or sun-baked ...


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